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Indonesia Bali Sumbawa

Selamat datang di Indonesia (Welcome to Indonesia)

An adventurous motorcycle trip that should be on everyone's bucket list. The start starts on “The island of the gods”, Bali (Canggu).

At the beginning and end of this trip you will be enchanted by the many temples, often in magical landscapes with breathtaking rice terraces, majestic mountains and tropical beaches. The very friendly premises make you feel right at home and together with the delicious Indonesian food you won't want to leave.

Lombok is the second island we cross and is fast becoming popular with tourists in addition to Bali, after all the beaches here are divinely beautiful and the interior is overwhelmingly impressive with its beautiful rice fields around the volcanic Rinjani mountain range.

The island of Sumbawa is less known and is therefore still unspoilt and purely authentic. a pleasure to drive on the deserted roads here that meandering connect many small villages. at every stop you will immediately feel the hospitality of the Sumbawanese.

In addition to visiting various impressive temples and the many rice terraces that we will see, the unexpected highlights are mainly what happens along the way. You can easily witness a local ceremony of both a wedding and a funeral. Or being spontaneously invited to people's homes for a cup of coffee.

This will be a trip you won't soon forget!

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