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This sparsely populated country is located between eight other African countries. The wilderness is really untouched and the people are friendly and relaxed. The Zambian government has been committed to nature conservation for years. A third of the country is made up of 18 National Parks and Game Reserves. This makes Zambia a real animal kingdom, with more than two hundred and twenty five mammal species and seven hundred bird species.

We drive alternately on asphalt and gravel roads through poor Malawi. This small country has a spectacular landscape of extensive highlands, special native flowers, wildlife parks and deep lakes. The largest lake is 'Lake Malawi'. Lake Malawi is over 23,000 square kilometers in size, which is one-fifth of the country's total area. The inhabitants are known for being extremely hospitable, which is one of the reasons why Malawi has the name 'The warm heart of Africa'. The population consists largely of Negro tribes of Bantu origin, such as the largest tribe of the Chewa who mainly live in the south and central part of Malawi. We mainly see the Tambuka tribe who live along the lake. The country is poor because they have no minerals and no seaport.

This is one of the poorest countries in the world and a little visited country. Until independence in 1975, Mozambique was a colony of Portugal for almost five centuries. Many casualties occurred during the civil war from 1977 to 1992. After more than 20 years, all 213,000 mines in the country have been cleared. Mozambique has been officially mine-free since late 1995. Many people have been traumatized by the civil war and have become unemployed or into crime. Few people have had an education, so their income is too low to take care of themselves. Many people are malnourished. In early 2019, Mozambique was hit by the two violent hurricanes Idai and Kenneth.

In Tete, colonial churches and government buildings are a misguided Portuguese pride of the past. The area around Tete is densely forested with baobabs. In the restaurants of Tete you mainly eat fish. Fish that local fishermen catch on the nearby lake behind the Cahora Bassa dam. It is located 150 kilometers northwest of Tete, in a beautiful gorge. The dam is the fifth largest in the world.

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