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Indonesia Bali Sumbawa

During this trip, you will ride on a Kawasaki KLX 150 or Honda CRF 150. There is an option to upgrade to 250 CC. 

Difficulty and offroad 
The weather has a major impact on the asphalt and on the dirt roads; this may mean that what was still a passable road last year is now in poor condition. We ride mostly on paved roads / paths, but sometimes the quality can be poor. Some parts are somewhat difficult. Off-road riding experience or skills is not a requirement, but it will be an advantage. 

We do this tour in the dry season, however, there is always a possibility there can be raining in the mountains. The temperature is 32 degrees in the mountains but can be slightly cold if there is rain or clouds. 

Resorts and hotels on the tour range from two to four starts. Most overnight stays will be mid-tier to luxury level accommodations with swimming pools, hot water, and air conditioning. All stays, regardless of tier, have comfortable beds.  

Experienced motorcyclists know better than anyone that wearing good clothing is important, so we also adhere to this during the tour. The requirement is to wear long trousers (motorcycle trousers) and a (motorcycle) jacket, as well as sturdy motorcycle shoes or possibly high walking shoes and summer gloves. It is best to bring your own helmet. Please note that weather changes can occur, especially in the mountains, and it can cool down or rain. Always take 1 fleece sweater and rain gear with you. A raincoat can also be used to block the wind when it gets colder. 

For this trip you need travel insurance with worldwide coverage. Check carefully in advance whether motorcycling is included in the insurance. Damage to third parties in the event of an accident is not insured and is usually dealt with on the spot. Regardless of who is at fault, the foreigner will usually pay for the damage to third parties. Fortunately, we usually talk about very small amounts, unless it is a major accident. Motorcycle damage insurance is insured with a deductible of at least USD 300. For engine upgrades there is a deductible of USD 500. 

You need a visa for this motorcycle trip. You can arrange this on site upon arrival. Please note that your passport is still valid for at least 6 months upon your return.4 

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