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Indonesia Bali Sumbawa

Day 1 - Home - Departure
For those who did not buy this tour as a package tour including the flight ticket, this day does not apply. 

Day 2 - Arrival - Canggu (Bali)
Upon arrival in Bali you will be met by your driver and then taken to the hotel in Canggu by taxi. Here you can rest from the journey and possibly take a dip in the hotel swimming pool, with beautiful views over Echo Beach, which is within walking distance. The hotel is located in the center and has several cozy cafes/restaurants as well as small boutiques in the area.

Day 3 - Canggu – Stay
Because most flights arrive in the evening, we have an extra day in Canggu to rest from the journey and be well prepared for this motorcycle adventure. Canggu is a pleasant place with mostly relatively young people. Many good restaurants with healthy food or tasty Indonesian food. The beach is within walking distance where it is fun all day long with surfers and bathers chilling on the beach or the beach bars. At the end of the day we will have a briefing and we will inspect the engines that have now been delivered.

Day 4 Canggu – Munduk
After a good night's sleep and breakfast we prepare for the first ride through the countless rice fields and terraces of this tropical island. We soon leave the hustle and bustle and drive along narrow paths, small villages through the green hilly area of ​​south-west Bali. We make a short stop on the beach and then drive north. The forerunners of the mountains of Bali has many small trails that show us the most beautiful of this tropical island. After a local lunch in Pupuan we drive further on and off road up the mountains and then arrive in Munduk. The hotel has a beautiful view over the mountains and valley and with a beer in hand in the infinity swimming pool it tastes even better.

Day 5 - Munduk – Sidemen
After breakfast we drive back into the mountains towards Buyan Lake, where we will stop to enjoy the view. Then we quickly leave the crowds behind us and drive on narrow roads through various villages where the locals stare at us to see Western tourists on a motorbike. We then start the climb of Mount Gunung Batur while winding. Before we reach the top we turn off and drive through wooded areas and narrow paths towards the old volcanic crater where we will conquer the hard black lava sand with our enduros. For lunch we drive back up to the crater rim and with a breathtaking view of both the mountain and Lake Batur and the highest mountain in Bali Gunung Agung in the background, we enjoy our meal. After lunch we prepare for the last part of the day's ride. We will descend windingly towards the town of Sidemen, known for its spectacular rice fields/terraces. While enjoying a drink on the terrace in front of your house, you can reminisce about this day while enjoying the view over the rice fields.

Day 6 Sidemen – Padangbai
We will further explore the interior of Bali. We stop at the largest/most important temple for the Balinese, Pura Besakih. It is a sacred temple complex located on a mountain and accessible by a long staircase. It dates from the 14th to the 18th century. The temple consists of approximately 200 structures spread over 30 complexes. They are spread over several terraces with several pagodas and pavilions. Then we drive further through the mountains past the highest mountain Gunung Agung to Padangbai, the port where the ferries and express boats depart. We spend the night here so that we can catch the ferry tomorrow morning so that we have enough time on Lombok to enjoy the headland while driving.

Day 7 - Padangbai – Kuta (Lombok)
We get up early and will take the ferry around 8 am. Immediately after we leave the ferry we will have a local lunch at a stall. Then we go to the Sekotong headland. A breathtaking route, first along the coast and then into the mountains with a breathtaking view over the Bali Sea and, in good weather, the highest mountain Gunung Agung clearly visible. Then we drive via the back roads of South Lombok through various kampungs where the locals search for gold towards the south coast. These winding roads over the hills of Blongas, Bremi and Pandaleman, overlooking the Indian Ocean, take us to the surfing paradise of Kuta (Lombok) to spend the night there. A friendly, relaxed place with several small eateries. Kuta Beach is within walking distance of the hotel.

Day 8 - Kuta – Stay
A day without moving to a new hotel, we will stay in Kuta today, because the area here is tropically beautiful. we can explore the area by motorbike and go to the azure blue beaches that are not far away from Kuta, visit the GP racing circuit or just relax by the pool.

Day 9 - Kuta – Maluk (Sumbawa)
Today we drive further along a breathtaking coastal road to the east, where salt is extracted from seawater in a traditional way. The town of Keruak is the center of the region, where people from all over the area come for the market. We continue along the coastal road to the north, to take the ferry at Labuhan Lombok (1 hour) that takes us to Sumbawa. Immediately after leaving the ferry we have a simple but delicious local lunch. With a full belly we now drive further down the west coast and leave the main road to arrive near Maluk, where our small-scale hotel is located. A place to chill right on the beach with a spectacular sunset, we will light the fire for a delicious BBQ. Maluk has hardly any tourism, except for a few surfers, so you will experience pure Sumbawa here.

Day 10 Maluk – Sumbawa Besar
Today we drive the southwestern part of the island. There has been a lot of work on asphalt paving here for a number of years and there is now a generally beautiful winding road through wooded and mountainous areas. We will make a few exits to drive unpaved through the few villages here and also go to the beach to enjoy the rough sea. Of course we will have a simple but delicious local lunch along the way, after all the Indonesians know how to handle herbs. We then drive north via the main road. Despite being a main road, there is little traffic. The asphalt is also of poor quality, so you sometimes spend more time driving off-road than on-road. We spend the night in the capital called Sumbawa Besar. Good hotel with western standards, excellent beds and air conditioning. For dinner we go into town, where we will prepare a kind of homemade buffet. We are going to take many different dishes that we will all eat together so that you will taste many different flavors. With a beer of course.

Day 11 - Sumbawa Besar – Calabai
A long trek in kilometers is planned for today. In the morning the route goes along the azure coast with the island of Moyo in the background. Driving through several villages, on well-paved roads with many beautiful bends, we turn left and drive to the volcanic Mount Tambora, the deadliest volcano in modern history. The 1815 eruption killed 71,000 people and had worldwide consequences. In the normally sweltering southern United States it started to snow and tsunamis occurred thousands of kilometers near Tambora today. According to eyewitness accounts, many people thought the end times would soon come. Huge thunderstorms alternated with dense fog. We spend the night here in a simple guesthouse.

Day 12 - Calabai - Hu'u
We drive further along the enormous Mount Tambora where the road is not always good and then turn left on the north side at the town of Kore and drive a beautiful loop around Mount Orombora. Many unpaved roads here have already been paved, but it remains a beautiful route to drive. Then we go via the main road to Hu'u, a surfing spot for real connoisseurs because of the high and long waves in the sea. They first go here with a local boat. Hotel right on the beach, let's relax tonight!

Day 13 - Hu'u - Sumbawa Besar
We drive a bit back to Dompu and then turn left onto the main road. Begin winds through the low mountains with beautiful views over the Saleh Bay. Upon arrival in Sumbawa Besar we ignore the center and drive another 20 kilometers to the coast where we will spend the night. Beautiful hotel with cottages, swimming pool and views of the island of Moyo.

Day 14 - Sumbawa Besar – Bayan (Lombok)
After 3 hours of coastal road, take the ferry to Lombok. Then you will drive the northern coastal road of this island. There is very little traffic in this part, so you can fully enjoy the scenery with Mount Gunung Rinjani in the background and the azure blue sea on the other side. Our overnight stay is in Bayan. At 600 meters against Mount Rinjani, overlooking the coastline, you will stay in a wooden cottage with a thatched roof, between the rice terraces. A naturally landscaped swimming pool gives you a direct view of the surroundings and the restaurant. The Indonesian as well as the Western food is very good. The extensive breakfast and the very friendly owners will ensure you have a very pleasant stay.

Day 15 - Bayan - Accommodation
No motorbike today, but a jungle walk with a guide of about 4 hours through the rice fields and small rivers and then to 2 waterfalls. Here you can try to feel the force of the falling water, so bring swimming trunks. Many participants often think back to this place, why? It cannot be described, you have to experience it yourself. Your hostess at this small resort will pamper you these two days with delicious dishes and an extensive breakfast.

Day 16 - Bayan – Sekotong
We drive further down the coastal road, towards the south. Breathtaking views of the Bali sea and Gunung Agung mountain in the background, we wind our way into Senggigi for lunch. Then we drive on and take some small roads through various villages and then drive back into the Sekotong headland. We spend the night directly on the beach and if we arrive early in the afternoon there is still time for a nice snorkeling tour with a fishing boat.

Day 17 - Sekotong – Amed (Bali)
In the morning we drive 30 minutes to the port of Lombok and take the ferry to Bali. Upon arrival we have lunch at a local stall and then drive further north. First take the main road, which can be busy with trucks. Then we turn off and drive another beautiful, sometimes steep road along the coast to the tourist town of Amed. We have a hotel here directly on the sea with a swimming pool.

Day 18 - Amed - Ubud
We return to the interior of Bali. From the main road we turn off at Tianjar and drive back into the mountains. First a beautiful savanna and then drive further up into the mountains. South of Kintamani we return to the main road to drive towards Ubud. Ubud is cozy with its many shops with clothing and art. Our hotel is located in the middle of Ubud, but surrounded by an oasis of peace in a wooded area.

Day 19 - Ubud – Sanur
Today we can take it easy. After all we have a short drive to Sanur. In the beginning we try to drive as many small roads as possible, but at the end we will have to take the busy main road to Sanur. Sanur is a well-known seaside resort with many restaurants and bars.

Day 20 - Sanur – Departure
Unfortunately, this adventurous journey is almost over. Most flights depart in the afternoon or evening, so you still have time to shop or relax. We will take you to the airport which is only 45 minutes from the hotel.

Day 21 - Arrival - Home country

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