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What participants wrote to us:

"My tailor-made trip and motorcycle group has now returned without a tour guide but with a support car. They had an incredibly beautiful trip and experienced fantastic experiences. They will undoubtedly be talked about for a long time. Thank you for your good care!"
Jamie Knaap - Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores - October 2019

"A truly beautiful motorcycle trip through the 'Emerald Belt'. Under the expert guidance of Roland and his local guides Jacob and Putu, I saw, experienced and discovered a lot in this beautiful and special archipelago. The Bali/Flores tour with Roland and his local guide/motorcycle technician Putu. Beautiful motorcycle routes, sometimes off-road, through lesser-known areas on Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa and Flores, always with a ferry between the islands. Nice to discover the different islands every time, the culture, residents, religion and with the local knowledge of Roland and Putu. I thought the daily driving distances were fine, sometimes a little longer but doable. On this tour Roland made special hotel choices, always an adventure for his guests. The tours were made on (almost) new 150cc Honda engine, very suitable for this environment, both on asphalt and off-road paths. Indonesia is a beautiful country to experience and explore by motorcycle with Roland and his local guides, highly recommended in my opinion. Marco and Kerstin from the office and Roland from Indonesia were able to realize special wishes, delivered customized solutions and actively contributed ideas." 
Hans - Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores - May 2019

"This motorcycle trip was great. Roland is a great tour guide, a great one! The flights connected very well, very pleasant. I would like to get a massage more often, highly recommended! Contact with the office was good." 
Dick ter Braak - Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores - April 2018

"The motorcycling, the Indonesian food and the time on boats (ferries, snorkel boats) make this trip very varied. The hotels were okay. Highlights were the bends on Flores (almost no straight stretch to be seen), the Russian resort (Maluk? ): really a beautiful place and the people of Indonesia. Roland the tour guide is a nice guy but it is a lot of motorcycling. Especially in the first week and a half there are few moments of rest. I would prefer to arrive a little earlier at a hotel so that there is time to do something yourself. Other Motor Trails trips contain more culture. A break at a temple, some explanation about the culture or the country you are traveling through. That was minimal during this trip. Furthermore, the communication with the group was of twelve participants was not optimal, not everyone received everything, so agreements were not always clear to the entire group. Furthermore, I would clearly mention the long crossing Sumbawa-Flores in the itinerary. Contact with Motor Trails was good as always. It was a really beautiful trip, we enjoyed it very much!"
Frans Brouwer - Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores - November 2017

"The preparation by Roland the tour guide was perfect. Good hotels, delicious food and they were quite good motorcycles, I have experienced much less. Putu takes care of the motorcycles and Yacob fixed my torn pants. I sometimes find the hotels far too luxurious Other locations were so beautiful that sometimes I really stood there with my mouth open and wondered where I ended up. Am I in heaven yet? The boat trips were hot, but I will never forget them. Real Bounty Islands with white beaches and water in many turquoise shades. I felt like God in Indonesia. Many beautiful roads with countless curves. The off-road work was very nice, not enough for me, but I liked what there was. The people, especially the children are friendly. Conclusion: I had a wonderful trip. I enjoyed the islands, the driving, the food, the places to sleep, the drinks, the fun with each other, the guidance, mechanic and support car, in short, for me this trip is a cool 12. On to the next trip. Where to actually go?"
Gerard Verschuren - Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores - November 2017

"This motorcycle trip gave a unique insight into real life on the different islands. Beautiful roads and above all no other tourists. It is an intensive trip with a lot of driving and sometimes longer distances, so you do not have enough time to look around you properly The ferry crossings (almost 25 hours in total...) are also a problem, but that cannot be avoided. You then realize that it is a large country. The off-road days were very intensive and difficult for a number of participants. You must have real off-road experience or at least have taken a course given the off-road roads driven. Otherwise it will be unnecessarily difficult and painful and you don't want that on your holiday. So my advice is: if you have no off-road experience, do an introductory course to really have fun. Furthermore, I would like a direct flight there and back. Roland the tour guide seems experienced and likes driving through and on small roads. It is important that he also speaks Indonesian, which makes local contact possible. The driver and mechanic selected by Roland did their work well and with pleasure. Contact with the office was good, the information was on time and complete."
Peter Vos - Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores - November 2017

"This entire motorcycle trip was great and Roland as a tour guide was great! Contact with the office was good and pleasant."
Richard Jansen - Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa - September 2017

"Thank you Roland from Indonesia Motor Adventure for organizing our trip so meticulously and taking all our whims into account... you master your craft man, thank you!"
Davy, Philip, Filip, Johan, Danny and Marc from Belgium - Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa - June 2016

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