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Central Asia Silkroad

You ride this trip on your own motorbike. It must of course be well prepared for the trip. We drive a number of long routes on unpaved roads. These are in Tajikistan, the Pamir Highway and in Mongolia, the section through Western Mongolia. The quality of these roads can be quite poor in parts due to the weather conditions. There are no asphalt roads on these routes. Partly in response to the reactions of previous participants, we recommend a lighter type of all-road motorcycle for this trip (especially for stages two and three of the trip).

Support vehicle
We travel with a support vehicle. The first part will be with our own support vehicle. We then use local support vehicles with local drivers. They will be different in every country. The luggage and any spare parts and equipment can be transported in the support vehicle. The support vehicle does not cross the border, so at the border crossing you have to carry all your own things on your own motorcycle across the border. Another support vehicle is waiting on the other side of the border.

Mechanic and technology
This trip is driven without a mechanic. This is not possible because everyone participates on their own bike, so there will be many different types of bikes. Therefore, be sure to take the most important things with you. Some technical knowledge about your bike would certainly be helpful.

Mandatory is a helmet, motorcycle jacket with protection, gloves, good durable (motorcycle) pants with protection or loose knee armor and sturdy high (mountain) boots. The lower parts of the trip can get very hot, especially during the spring and fall; A summer motorcycle jacket with protection is therefore recommended. Then, if necessary, you can have extra clothing under your jacket in colder parts of the mountains. Also useful are good sunglasses and a helmet with a visor that protects against dust.

For several countries you need a visa, prices are an indication:

Turkey - in advance (e-visa, 25 €)
Georgia - free upon arrival
Armenia - approx. € 30, at the
Azerbaijan border - approx. € 50, in advance with invitation letter
Iran - approx. € 30, in advance with invitation letter
Turkmenistan - approx. € 60 in advance with invitation letter
Uzbekistan - approx. € 70, in advance with invitation letter
Tajikistan - approx. € 70 in advance (e-visa)
Kyrgyzstan - free upon arrival
Kazakhstan - approx. € 30, in advance
Russia - approx. € 100, in advance with invitation letter
Mongolia - approx. € 85 in advance
Japan - free upon arrival

International driving license and carnet the passage
For most countries you need an international driving license. For Iran and Japan you need an international Carnet (a so-called "Carnet de Passage") for your motorcycle. This is published by the ADAC, the German sister club of the ANWB. You can arrange this yourself.

During this trip we generally stay in smaller hotels, in rooms with private bathrooms. We use double rooms unless you have booked a single room. In very remote areas, like under the Pamir route in step two, we use very basic guesthouses, sometimes in dormitories with shared bathrooms. In these cases a single room is not possible.

In Japan we stay a few times in charming traditional guesthouses. In these accommodation destinations you usually do not have your own bathroom.

In Turkmenistan we will stay one night in the camp in the desert near Derweze. All camping equipment is provided by our local agent.

Mongolia is the thinnest populated country in the world. No hotels or guesthouses are available on our route. We use tents here. These tents and camping equipment are provided by us and we organize a local chef for lunch and dinner.

Motor Transport
From Japan your bike will arrive in the Port of Rotterdam. You have to pick it up yourself in Rotterdam.

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