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Costa Rica Nature

What participants wrote us (about our earlier Costa Rica Nature motorcycle tour):

"Beautiful country, pretty civilized. All the regions in which we stayed were pleasant and had different characteristics. At our blessed age the concept of only eight location-changes in 2 weeks was appreciated. All the stopovers had nice features. If we have to pick something that didn’t quite fit in with the type of group, it would be our resort in Tortuguero where we had to queue up three times a day for a buffet, along with about a 100 other tourists. Celaje in contrast, was paradise, notwithstanding the not so luxurious accommodation - especially the plumbing could do with a facelift. It feels brilliant to be able to populate an entire establishment with a group of 13 people. Tour guide fitted in well with the group. Bart is a very attentive man, for all group members. Thank you Marco. You have reaffirmed our confidence in your organisation." 
Magd Havermans - Costa Rica Nature - Private Group November 2013

"Excellent. The occasional 2 days’ stay made it very varied:. Bike, hike, boat,... The motorbikes were fine, but there were no “basic” spare parts for the motorbikes or 4x4s. Something as simple as brake pads, spark plugs, brake and clutch cables, jump leads really should have been there ... the 4x4s lacked the "power" to be able to follow the route and had to occasionally follow different routes. Highlight was Tortugera: Stunning nature, wonderful boat trips. The tour guide was first class. Took excellent care of the group, good navigator, good organiser." 
Lieven Van de Velde - Costa Rica Nature - Private Group November 2013

"For me it was a really good holiday. I hereby also like to thank the guys, THANKS !!!!!!!, for the help I received to lift my bike again and again each time I dropped it during the difficult journeys. This shows that some roads were pretty difficult, but quite an experience for me."
Mieke Snijkers - Costa Rica 2010

"It was again a great experience to ride with my travel companions for 11 days through Costa Rica." 
Ron Koppen - Costa Rica 2010

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