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Sri Lanka Wild Life And Nature

What customers told us:

Contact with Motor Trails was excellent, so the preparation for this trip went very well. I knew where I stood. The journey is fantastic. What a beautiful country Sri Lanka is and the trip was also beautifully varied. I really enjoyed all the small trails and there was a good balance between riding and rest days. The group was also great company! I can recommend this trip to everyone.
Tour guide Roland did his best and guided us very well during the trip. Due to the circumstances, we often stayed in the hotels in the evenings and they were well set up for that. For my taste it was sometimes too luxurious, which made me feel uncomfortable, also due to the circumstances of the country. But sometimes it was also a matter of what is open.
Annemieke - Sri Lanka November 2021

Contact with Motor Trails was ok. Trip was super nice with lots of variety. Tour guidance was excellent. Overnight stays in super hotels and beautiful locations. Don't change anything anymore. 
Dick ter Braak - Sri Lanka November 2021

The contract with Motor Trails was fine as usual. The trip was very beautiful but sometimes difficult due to the amount of water in the beginning and then the high temperatures and humidity. Fortunately, the last week was less intensive due to shorter riding days. Will have many wonderful memories of it.
All in all, it was still doable and I was also pleased that the fear of COVID hindered the course of events much less there than here because we were always outdoors. The overnight stays were fine with clean beds and sanitary facilities everywhere and helpful people who helped with the luggage. Ronald, the tour guide, did a great job, gave good briefings and clear agreements and helped where necessary. The super-deluxe hotels with amazing buffets both in the evening and in the morning are not necessary for me. 
Alfons Brands - Sri Lanka November 2021

The trip and the country were fantastic. The tour guide was good, Ronald really did his best. The overnight stays ranged from basic to super luxurious, very varied and therefore extra fun. Personally, I look back on a great journey.
Rob van Mastrigt - Sri Lanka 2021

"We are having a great time here. Sri Lanka is perhaps the best of the countries so far. where we have been travelling. The trails are beautiful!!! We have seen an incredible amount of wildlife, and local people are very helpful. Congratulations to Roland the agent.  The hotels are excellent as well. We are now in Kandy and take it easy to recover from our long trip, In short: it's awesome." 

Peter Weeink and Antoinette - Sri, Lanka, Mountain, and Coastal, individual, February 2020

"This motorbike trip was very nice. I enjoyed my first motorbike trip abroad with an organized group. The day program was good. I had lost of fun during the off-road day in the Yale park! And the rafting. And the food. And and ... The tour guide Roland is fantastic. He really arranged excellent accommodation. Points of improvement in the information booklet. Cash money from home can be slightly less. And the extra driving days on the rest days are not convenient. In addition, I sometimes found it annoying that waiting for the support car took a lot of time.I think this is not necessary if the support car also has a navigation system with the itinerary. I personally would like to ride a bit more off road. I think this is something I found out after this trip. Contact with the office was short and complete. "
Jaac van der Linden - Sri Lanka Mountains and Coast - November 2019

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