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There is often a lack of clarity about the use of malaria prevention products. To make a well-informed choice, make sure that you obtain information from various authorities on both the standard products as well as alternative remedies. Do not forget that local doctors have far more experience with this disease than doctors in other parts of the world do. The best prevention remains a combination of wearing long-sleeved shirts, long trousers and socks, a good application of mosquito repellent after sunset and making sure that you use a good quality mosquito net over your bed unless air conditioning is used. Regardless of this, for all destinations in Africa, South America and Asia, it is necessary to visit a doctor specializing in tropical medicine before departure.

Altitude sickness
Altitude sickness is caused by a shortage of oxygen at high altitudes and generally arises only above 2500 meters. Sensitivity to altitude sickness varies per person and symptoms can also occur at lower altitudes. The symptoms are also very diverse. The risk of altitude sickness can be significantly reduced by allowing the body the time to acclimatize and by climbing to increased heights over a period of several days. We try to take this into account as much as possible during our trips. You can find more background information on altitude sickness in the handbooks of the trips for which this is relevant.

You should have vaccinations for most of our destinations. As a travel agency we are not allowed to give advice on this. Be sure to be adequately informed by your GP or local health authority.



The climate is different at each destination. At the furthest tip of Tierra del Fuego it can be around freezing, whilst in Cambodia it is rarely below 25 degrees. It is wise, therefore, to base your riding gear on the local temperature. Regardless, the minimum equipment comprises:

- Sturdy long (mountain) boots or motorcycle boots
- Gloves
- Sturdy (motorcycle) jacket with added protection at shoulders and elbow, with or without removable lining
- Helmet
- Sturdy long (motorcycle) trousers preferably with knee protection or motorcycle trousers

You will find more advice on clothing and riding equipment included in the handbook. The information in the handbook is relevant for the trip for which you have booked.


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