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Northern Vietnam Highlights

You will ride on a Kawasaki KLX or Honda CRF 150cc. There is a limited option to upgrade to an XR 250cc motorbike.  

During this trip through North Vietnam, we ride neither at high altitudes nor through extremely desolate regions. We ride on light motorcycles which make the trip suitable also for those riders who have never undertaken an adventurous motorcycle trip before. The daily distances are not long so there are frequent opportunities for stopping along the way to take photographs or to visit villages. What might well prove difficult, however, is dealing with the busy traffic in and around Hanoi. Only a small section of the trip goes over dirt roads and tracks. These trails are sometimes difficult but most of the time possible without any offroad experience. 

During this tour, we stay in a mix of accommodations from semi-luxurious to simple homestays. 

It can be very warm in the lowland part of the trip, especially in Spring and Autumn. One can wear extra clothing under one’s jacket if necessary. The rainy season in northern Vietnam lasts from June to the end of August, and we plan our trips before or after the rainy season. Nonetheless, the weather forecasts are subject to change, so one must be prepared for a possible rain shower on all the trips. Finally, it can be quite cold in December and January in the mountains, so we advise brining warm motorcycle gear then. 

The following items are mandatory: helmet, motorcycle jacket with protection, gloves, a good hard-wearing pair of (motorcycle) trousers with protection and solid high (mountain) boots. Furthermore, a good pair of  sunglasses and a helmet with a visor that protects against dust are useful. 

Motorbikes have standard liability insurance. There is no option to insure damage to the bikes. Damage caused by a rider needs to be paid at the end of the tour. 

For most nationalities, it is necessary to apply for an online visa. 

As of January 1st 2016, Vietnam permits most nationalities to drive if they have both an International Driving Permit (IDP) and their national driver’s license. A license without the IDP is not permissible and only the IDP model 1968 is accepted. 

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