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Northern Vietnam Highlights

What participants wrote to us:

"Contact with Motor Trails went well. Both by telephone and by email. It was an unforgettable trip. The route we drove was truly beautiful, the places we visited were impressive. From a cemetery just outside Hanoi to an insight into a Vietnamese country house. From driving on your own to driving like eels in a barrel through Hanoi, behind a blue helmet. What made it extra special of course is that tour guide Marco speaks the language and knows the country and its various tribes so well. That's why I had participant really gets the feeling of visiting special places. The tour guide was very good. The accompanying crew was top notch. Occasionally they forgot to announce that there should be cold beer, but that was quickly resolved. I enjoyed Tuesday morning, asphalt and "no intersection" for a long time, which allowed me to make wonderful turns while riding at the front, Jeroen in tow. Thursday and Friday were the most beautiful days in terms of scenery and views, I think. I found the boat trip a welcome change, a nice chat with some of the participants. I actually have little to no areas for improvement. Kind regards and in January I will have drinks with a number of participants and discuss whether we will make a 2024 trip!"
Reinier van Velden - North Vietnam Highlights - October 2023

"Contact with Motor Trails was excellent, very concrete and good communication. The trip was fun, well organised. The guidance and crew were nice people, an English course can't hurt. As a rule, it was all fine. An area for improvement could be perhaps a small a bit of culture stuff, buildings, temples or something like that."
Freddy Simons - North Vietnam Highlights - October 2023

"Contact with Motor Trails was great. The trip was better than expected, getting off the road and exploring unspoiled nature. The tour guides (mechanic, driver, tour guide) were great. The highlights were that it became more beautiful every day. I have no areas for improvement."
Frank Moget = North Vietnam Highlights - October 2023

"Contact with Motor Trails was very good. Beautiful country. The trip was nicely put together. Travel guides (mechanic, driver, tour guide) were very good. Highlights were the entire north." 
Patrick Luyck - North Vietnam Highlights - October 2023

"Contact was very correct and fast. The trip was a wonderful experience. Once in a lifetime. mechanic Hoa, very knowledgeable and always busy. Driver Hung, very nice. Tour leader Marco, sensitive dealing with the local vulnerable people. Highlights were Ha Giang loop, Hanoi, Halong Bay. Areas for improvement: as a co-driver I had no need to drive off-road."
Zuzana Frijns - North Vietnam Highlights - October 2023

"Contact was fine. And so arranged. I have been coming to Asia since 1989. I am already used to the rice fields and temples. But I was still surprised by the nature. Completely different and beautiful. The structure of the mountains is beautifully green. The travel guides (technician, driver, tour guide) were all well organised. Helpful. Neat hotels. I am less used to it in Asia. Really great! Personally, I find it fun and especially as a team to share the table together. Also the mechanics. Highlights are Of course off road in Asia. I did have beach and dune experience, but this was different and the surroundings were also great. Tastes for more... Still confused about the choice for next year, Africa or Nepal Or a 15 country ride. Anyway luxury problem."
Vincent Vendel - North Vietnam Highlights - October 2023

"I thought it was a great adventure and I didn't want to miss it. The group was fantastic and tour guide Marco certainly contributed to that. In any case, we had great conversations. The pain in my ass is just a bit over, luckily. .it was a nice long ride! For the recommendation, I would use a rest day. Then use this day to do something fun, for example a boat trip or something like that. It is certainly not a comment because if you leave the trip as late as the fact that it is now also makes everyone happy. The technicians were super friendly and very helpful, they had to like a little something! I have experienced too many highlights to name this one, I thought it was a highlight! I really enjoyed it and would recommend everyone to book a trip with motortrials! Thanks again for the fun days and say hello to the mechanics when you see them again!"
Willem de Bruin - North Vietnam Highlights - October 2023

"I don't want to make it too easy, but the trip was really 100% positive for me. So the answers to all questions are just perfect. Greetings and see you next year."
Jeroen Hoogetoorn - North Vietnam Highlights - October 2023

The contact with Motortrails was pleasant, good and clear. As an example, we had indicated that we would like to go to Halong Bay by motorcycle instead of by bus. Marco advised against this for various reasons and in retrospect he was right. (We didn't either). The trip was beautiful, varied roads, also off-road and a super beautiful area to drive. The tour guide was excellent, we already had experience with Marco and that was good. The intern Robert also did well, especially for the first time. Driver and mechanic in the support car also excellent. Helped with preparing everything for the lunches and were very friendly. My highlight was driving through such a beautiful area and meeting the locals. We had decided to go to Vietnam a day earlier to acclimatize, among other things. (Long flight, different temperature, etc.) We really liked that. Could be given as advice.'
Gea and André - North Vietnam Highlights - March 2023

"As I have experienced 7 times before, the contact with Motor Trails is excellent and there is room to make a number of changes, such as leaving a day earlier and minor adjustments in the trip. I had done North Vietnam before, but then the weather was worse and now many things have changed compared to 2015. Mekong is a completely different atmosphere and environment. Tour guide Marco is very committed and someone who has everything in hand and radiates peace. The knowledge of the Vietnamese language is also very pleasant. In addition, Robert also did very well on his "first" trip. I did not experience any huge highlights, but it was a very varied trip with very interesting and beautiful landscapes. It is a series of fun and beautiful experiences. I have no real points for improvement; the most important thing is that the trips are organized in this way where a certain freedom during the trip is very pleasant."
Jos van Kempen - Northern Vietnam Highlights March 2023

"The contact with Motor Trails was very good and intensive. Good briefings. The trip was great, all expectations were exceeded. Extras such as a visit to a military cemetery, drinking tea at the tribe's home, a visit to a factory and a women's coop give a nice insight into Vietnamese life. Marco and Robbert were excellent tour guides. Highlights were visits to nature parks, off-road driving, the boat trip with the motorbikes across the lake. I actually have nothing that disappointed me or that I think could be improved. Thank you!"
Frank van Ooijen – North Vietnam March 2023

'The contact was excellent, as was the trip. Maybe it's just me, but I expected it to be a little warmer. The impression was that the booklet was generally outdated and perhaps it could have been more explicit about this. Marco is a very calm tour guide who gave the group a lot of space. The trainee Robbert also did well. The highlights were the border with China, the mountain people and the extra day I had in Hanoi. The journey is difficult to improve, the off-road content will unfortunately decrease very quickly.'
Wim den Haan – North Vietnam March 2023

"We enjoyed the trip, which was very well organized and taken care of. The group was very nice and there was a nice dynamic so that everyone was able to ride in a wonderful way. We experienced great highlights during the trip. The start in Hanoi was beautiful, a nice busy area with many boutique hotels and small restaurants and pubs in the old town. The trip consisted of a beautiful variety between cities, nature, mountains and different roads. Beautiful views with beautiful winding roads along and through the mountains. The tour guide Remco was very pleasant. He knew a lot about the country and the people there, was very flexible, had an eye for every rider and had a good dose of humor. That's why we not only had a nice ride but also laughed a lot together. Even though the group was large with 13 people, Remco gave clear instructions as to which roads could be followed so that you could determine your own pace. We gathered again at agreed locations for the next instruction. Remco was able to make good contact with the people in the group and was also able to reassure people who had less off-road/dirt-road experience. These roads were very cool by the way. We drove with the group through beautiful roads with mud, water and stones as the surface. This provided a pleasant challenge and a spectacular addition to the tour. Even in difficult situations, Remco managed to keep calm and help people where necessary. Also a special compliment to the driver (Wang) and mechanic (Hao) who were always around when you needed them. In just a few seconds a gear lever was repaired or a steering wheel was straightened. And the introduction to the "Happy Water” was sparked by this duo. At the end we went by boat to Halong Bay, a beautiful boat trip in a beautiful setting in the middle of the pointed Kastei mountains; a nice relaxing ending after an intense driving week. Contact with Kerstin was also extremely pleasant during the preparations for the trip and she provided information about all kinds of matters regarding the trip and the participants. In summary, a top trip in an extremely well-kept setting where we saw a lot in a short time. For us shorter trips are a big plus. Where else could it be improved? My advice would be to ask a little more money from the participants for the lunches / dinners which makes it possible to 'upgrade' the food sometimes and even more to taste Vietnamese cuisine. Furthermore, the Home Stay overnight stay could pay more attention to interaction with the family. We are already looking forward to our next trip with Motor Trails."
Judith Nelissen and Joost Hoenderop - Northern Vietnam Highlights - December 2019

"This motorcycle trip was great, I really had a great holiday. Completely new experience to explore a country by motorcycle. The mainly non-touristy route was great, varied and there were breathtaking views. What I liked best was the overall experience with mainly the off-road Great, Remco knows a lot about Vietnam and was wonderfully friendly to the group and the local residents. I regularly got 'lost', but he knew how to find the nice little mountain roads perfectly, which made this trip a great trip for me. I had intensive contact with the office, but contact outside office hours did not go well. In case of problems in Moscow, I only received (extensive) contact early in the morning even though I had already been at the airport all night. This was my first, but probably not my last motorcycle holiday!"
Jeffrey Lagendijk - Vietnam Highlights - December 2019

"I thought it was a wonderful motorcycle trip. I thought the alternation between off-road and 'normal' roads was very good and pleasant. I didn't have to ride off-road anymore. I thought the routes were beautiful and a beautiful country. Points for improvement: I I really enjoyed it, there is nothing that could be improved. I had the idea that Joost & Judith had arranged that better. Highlight: I really enjoyed riding a motorcycle in such a different country, I really liked the adventurous character I really loved the support car with the mechanic. The mechanic was so good with all the attention. That made it more relaxing for me. I also thought the nature, the mountains and the views were fantastic. What also made it a nice trip is that we had a very nice group. Remco, the tour guide, gets a 10 from me. I really think he did a very good job. I think he is an intelligent and developed man who uses his life experience and capabilities to make the trip a success He faced new problems every day, which he managed to solve every time. He had a lot of energy and nothing was too much for him. I thought it was great that he paid attention to everyone in the group. I drank tea pretty much as standard everywhere, and every time it made sure that there was something available for me. I thought that was really special. He didn't have to do that, he went the extra mile for everyone. In this way he more than compensated for the moments when things did not go so well. And even in the 'lesser' moments he remained positive and managed to make something of it. What I also thought was great is that he got along well with everyone and could also be dominant enough when necessary to ensure that the group did what had to be done. So compliments :-) Note: I would definitely like to join a Motor Trails trip again and I will certainly recommend these trips to friends and acquaintances. I also thought it was quite a tough journey. If there had been more off road for more kilometers per day it would have been too much for me, I will keep that in mind next time I book such a trip. Contact with the office: I have had good contact with Kerstin and Marco. I initially signed up for the 10-day trip. I was then explicitly asked if I was sure that I did not want to go to Halong Bay. That's what I ultimately chose and I'm very happy that I did. Furthermore, the email contact with Kerstin was pleasant during the preparations. I also found the information package that I received in advance by post very nice and good."
Helene Hoogervorst - Northern Vietnam Highlights - December 2019

"This motorcycle trip was great, but on the short side to see everything properly. Areas for improvement: adding a few days to the trip. Remco the tour guide is competent. Contact with the office was good."
Willem Hommes - Vietnam Highlights - December 2019 

"This North Vietnam Highlights trip was unique, I thoroughly enjoyed it in the car. What a beautiful country, but what surprised me most is the sweet and friendly people who are not hateful after all those years of war. It is possible to improve will definitely take a little longer, to become even better Vietnamized. What I liked best was the lovely people with whom I was invited to drink tea along the way, and so much more of that. Marco the tour guide is a great guy who takes all his fellow travelers into account and especially with the Vietnamese guides. Note: SUPER, a little practice and maybe next time I can go with the motorbike. Contact with the office was via one of the participants, Marco is a fantastic cautious guide. " Paul Wynendaele 
Northern VietnamHighlights, November / December 2019

This trip was perfect. I liked the ride from "Dong Van" to "Meo Vac" the best. Marco the tour leader was sublime. Contact with the office was excellent. "
Boudewijn Talpe, Vietnam Highlights, November / December 2019

"This motorcycle trip in North Vietnam was great, I thought the best was Meo Vac. As an area for improvement, I would like to ride more off-road. Marco the tour guide is a great guy. Contact with the office was good."
Richard Bouwman - Vietnam Highlights - November 2019

"It was a very beautiful landscape, nice riding and a good group during our Vietnam Highlights motorcycle trip. Improvement point: a little more off-road would be nice, although I understand that to see the highlights you also have to cover a distance. There was not one highlight, several; nice to steer alone on winding asphalt roads, the off-road parts, busy traffic in Hanoi, actually the entire trip. Marco the tour guide is excellent, knows Vietnam, speaks the language, creates a good atmosphere in the group. The Vietnamese technician was also excellent. Contact with the office via email, excellent, responded quickly, otherwise excellently organized during the trip. I have no other comments: you will see me again!"
Seijs Seijsener - Vietnam Highlights – November 2019

"This motorcycle trip was a series of highlights, new experiences, unexpected twists. Beautiful landscape. The people were surprising in several respects. The best thing for me was riding through completely unknown terrain on my own and just enjoying it. The realization within myself that I drove more and more relaxed on a bad road (still off-road in my opinion) and was getting through the chaotic traffic more and more easily. Point of improvement was to convince my boss that I can stay away longer! Marco the tour guide was always happy, cheerful. Knew the country well , knew the way, spoke the language, knew the customs and showed us a lot. I am definitely planning to book another trip with you. Your choice is just too extensive... I think I will come back several times Contact with the office: almost always direct contact or a quick response to an email."
Elise Bunschoten - Vietnam Highlights – November 2019

"Vietnam was fantastic, but the flight there and back was dramatic. Motortrails found an excellent solution to allow us to join the group tour a day later after this enormous delay. The support car with driver picked us up from the airport. We skipped Hanoi to join a group tour."
Ine and Aalt Bischoff Tulleken - Vietnam Highlights - April 2019

"Fantastic motorcycle trip through the beautiful north of Vietnam, highly recommended for anyone who wants to experience more of this country, its culture and nature. The 150cc motorcycles are great for actively exploring the area on both paved and unpaved roads. Marco as a tour guide a lot of knowledge of the area, knows the culture of the mountain people, speaks the language and is constantly looking for something extra for his guests. I thought the best was a spontaneous visit to people's homes, a wedding, beautiful side roads and shaky river crossings make it very The driver who took care of the luggage and Hoa who took care of the technical part of the engines are also constantly working to make people happy. Marco the tour guide and Kerstin in the office were able to realize special wishes, delivered tailor-made solutions and actively contributed ideas. "
Hans - Vietnam Highlights - March 2019

"This motorcycle trip was a great experience. The tour guide Marco was excellent. The highlight was the various off-road roads and the mountains. I particularly enjoyed the visit to the kindergarten and to a family home. An improvement is the optional tour to Halong Bay. The The organization and service on board are very good, but only 2 islands were visited, while it is a very large area, we expected more. The contact with Motor2travel was excellent."
Egon Hanssen - Vietnam Highlights - via motor2travel.de

"The motorcycle trip was above my expectations. I liked the third and last ride the most. Marco the tour guide is very experienced and speaks Vietnamese, which has many advantages. One point for improvement is the locations where we had a coffee stop and lunch, where the hygiene was often not good. Contact with the office was excellent."
Filip Goethals  - Vietnam Highlights - March 2019

"During this motorcycle trip, the landscape was beautiful and there were many beautiful views. The visit to the nature reserve was worth it. What I liked best was the bit of challenging off-road riding (was not in the plan). And the beautiful nature reserve. Marco the travel leader is very good, always helpful and a real Vietnam expert. Contact with the office is very good."   
Tom vandijck - Vietnam Highlights – March 2019

"My private motorcycle trip with a local tour guide was great! I had bad weather, but that didn't spoil the fun. Due to the increase in tourism, I think the concept of this trip is coming under pressure. What I enjoyed most was the off-road riding, but also the contact with the local population. Contact with the local agent in Vietnam was difficult because the person I was in contact with did not understand English well. The local tour guide Hoa arranged everything down to the last detail. He paid attention to your wishes and acted accordingly. Hoa speaks enough English to discuss the necessary matters, but not enough to have extensive conversations. Despite that, we had a great time. See you next trip!."
Vincent Wagenaar - Vietnam Highlights - November 2018

"This motorcycle trip was EXCELLENT! This was exactly what I expected! Highlights were the visits to the local markets, we had a lot of contact with the locals. Personally, I would stay a few extra days in Vietnam, but the fellow travelers thought it was fine this way The organization was excellent. Thank you for your good guidance."
Susanne Kerner  - Vietnam Highlights – November 2018

"Thank you for this unforgettable experience, I would like a 10-ride card! This motorcycle trip was fantastic, a very special experience. Just a small suggestion, please make an appointment in advance on how to ride in a convoy. There were a lot of highlights. The contact with the office was great. "
Mick Sonnenfeld - Vietnam Highlights - March 2018

"For me, the highlight of this motorcycle trip was the mountain ride from Ha Giang to Meo Vac. Gained great impressions of the country and its residents. Slightly fewer km per day so that there is more opportunity to take an easy off-road path. Marco as tour guide was fine. Contact with the office was also excellent." 
Piet Kort Vietnam Highlights – March 2018

"This motorcycle trip was fantastic, very special. I liked that you got so close to the people. The hotel in the middle of the city of Hanoi was a perfect location, we could get a taste of city life while walking. Suggestion to take a group photo, that is always fun. Highlights for me were that we could visit the mountain people, this made a big impression on me. Marco the tour guide was excellent, it was very nice that he spoke Vietnamese so well, which made 'communication' with the people possible. He showed interest in the group members. Everything was perfectly arranged. Contact with the office was excellent."
Wil Vermond Vietnam Highlights – March 2018

"It was a fantastic trip, worth repeating. All days were highlights. Marco the tour guide was good and very helpful. Contact with the office was pleasant, I received sufficient help and explanation."
Christine Wiedeman Vietnam Highlights – March 2018

"We were not able to enjoy ourselves much due to Peter's accident. What we thought was great was Marco's problem-solving ability, en route and after Peter's accident. Marco is a great guy! As an improvement tip, check the tire pressure before the start of the trip. or do it every day. Contact with the office was excellent, more than good!"
Yfke Duisterwinkel and Peter van Leeuwen - Vietnam Highlights - March 2018

"The trip was, in a word, great! The local tour guide Mr. Hoa was also great. And the highlight for me was the river rides."
Bert Bos - Vietnam Highlights - March 2017

"The new combination North - South is long but gives good insight into the differences of the country. Highlight is the northern part because of the nature and the roads. The southern Laos border and part through the park. Tour guide Marco is driven, enthusiastic and has a lot of knowledge about the country, speaks Vietnamese. Remco has a structured approach."
Peter Vos - Vietnam Highlights – November 2016

"Beautiful people, good engines and generally very good roads. Marco as a tour guide is knowledgeable and has a lot of knowledge of the country and its people. He has ensured that I have seen more of the country than if I had done it on my own done. Consider, among other things, the wedding, the visit to the people's homes and the new path. So Marco, thank you very much for this wonderful trip! Contact with the office was excellent! Point for improvement: driving for seven days in a row is intensive and often arrived late so there was little to explore the places."     
Daniël Esselink - Vietnam Highlights - November 2016

"The trip was great and leaves us wanting more. We would prefer to leave immediately. The nature was breathtaking, routes fun and challenging, contact with local mountain people in traditional costumes was fun. We really liked Marco as a tour guide. It's fantastic that he speaks Vietnamese and that we were therefore able to experience all those special experiences. Contact with the office was excellent."
Annelies van Zanten - Vietnam Highlights – November 2016

“The trip was great. The trip was one highlight. The whole team is good and contact with the office was also good. Halong Bay was not really an addition, far too touristy.”
Sella de Jongh – Vietnam Highlights – November 2016

“Trip was fantastic! Days in the mountain areas were the best. Point for improvement: travel manual more clear. Local tour guide Hoa has sufficient knowledge of English, reliable and good-natured. Great introduction to group motorcycle travel.”
Peter Kurstjens – Vietnam Highlights – November 2016

“Excellent contact with the office. Little time to look around. Point for improvement: shorter travel distances to experience the country more. Highlight: views of Chinese border and off road sections. Local tour guide to Halong Bay stopped at a commercial sales point on the way there and back.”
Leo Hoogendijk – Vietnam Highlights – November 2016

"Contact is very good. All agreements were fulfilled on time and correctly. The trip was fascinating and interesting and the motorbike was enjoyable. Tour guide Hoa is an exceptional tour guide. He is friendly and helpful. The driver and mechanic also did their utmost. was an extraordinary experience, which I look back on fondly."
Adrianus van Herk - Vietnam Highlights - July 2016

"Contact is very good. All information and questions are answered very well and personal wishes are met and all agreements are fulfilled very well. The trip offers a lot of variety. Sufficient motorcycling. Good roads and beautiful landscape with many impressions. It was also for me It was nice that there was a support car available, which I could use at difficult times. Highlights are the interaction with the population. Seeing how everyday life goes. Participating in traffic and driving through the beautiful landscape. Tour guide Hoa is very knowledgeable and helpful. Very attentive to deal with. Made good suggestions, even during the 2 extra days he spent with us. I think everything was very professionally arranged and executed. And the travel book is a good reference. Personal wish: please several simple trips during the summer holidays."
Claudia Sigmond - Vietnam Highlights - July 2016

"Contact is excellent, friendly and pleasant and what I thought was important is that I got the feeling that time was made for you. The trip was great! Really great. From Schiphol and the transfer to Moscow it became clear that we formed a great group. The guidance of the trip in Vietnam was excellent. Nice guys! Good food and well tailored to what the group liked. These were all highlights; the off-road sections, the water buffalos with the children on their backs that you had to zigzag through, the delicious food in the street stalls, the beer upon arrival, the cold coffee during the day, the people who had to feel my birth, the beautiful nature and in the evening in bed the echo of the many "hello's" that children, especially children, call and wave to you. Tour guide is Fantastic!!! Hoa is a hero with patience, humor and insight. He slowly built up the pace and had a good sense of what the group wanted. Ting and Hung as mechanic and driver kept a close eye on everything and provided extra service. This was our first trip in this form for my wife and me. My brother also went with his girlfriend and a buddy for the first time. They have enduro experience and are never bored for a moment. The women found it the most exciting, but had the biggest grins when going through the bumpy roads and crossing flooded roads! We have already looked at your site during the trip for the next trip! It's a shame that there are no more 10-day trips because they suit us better (especially time, but also budget). Compliments to your team!! "
William Gooren - Vietnam Highlights - July 2016

"Contact is good. Trip is wonderful. Due to the good structure, every day was better than the previous one. The Homestay was the nicest / most beautiful in Ba Be. Tour guide's English could be better. Very helpful and enthusiastic."
Jochem Touw - Vietnam Highlights - July 2016

"Contact Very good, simple and approachable. Trip is excellent. Tour guide is good, but should speak better English so he can tell more about the country and the people."
Ben Schulte - Vietnam Highlights - March 2016

"Contact is nice and effective. The trip was a bit disappointing. Maybe not my country and little variety in the landscape. The first three days we were without luggage or medication: Aeroflot's mistake, I think direct influence from Motortrails / Dutch tour guide would make that better had solved. Highlights at the beginning of the trip were nice visits to a school, a family, rice fields. Nice variety. Tour guide is good, but his English was very poor " Huib
Avelingh - Vietnam Highlights - March 2016

"Contact with Motortrails is fine. Very nice trip, sometimes the tours are on the long side, leaving little time for photos and contact with people along the way. Overnight stays were fine and the food was downright good. The group of 9 travelers led by the Vietnamese guide, we got along well, but that always remains to be seen. Highlights are the mountains and the local population who are very colorful, a visit to a school was great. The extension with the boat trip in Halang Bay was well organised. Luxury rooms and perfect food. Highly recommended for people who have enough time for that. Tour guide Hoa is someone who does everything he can to make us happy, despite the limited English he speaks. The support car with one and some 2 people were perfectly attuned to the group. An English course would enable him to understand everything and make it clear."
Frank Pollaerts - Vietnam Highlights - March 2016

"A very nice trip with good hotels and a great ending in Halong Bay. The manual is not up to date and the information about where you can check in online was incorrect. It said Vietnam Airlines and it had to be Aeroflot. The highlight was Halong Bay. Oeisleider because I was used to it. I can speak English to foreigners because of my work, I could understand him reasonably well, but others had difficulty with this. For the rest he was a nice guy and I have no suggestions or comments about it. On to the next trip."
Henk Pollaerts - Vietnam Highlights - March 2016

"Contact is good! Both when booking and on location in Vietnam. Trip met all expectations! There are always things that could be improved! I just don't know what. What I found very positive were the motorcycles, which were really well maintained! I I have done several motorcycle trips but also had unpleasant experiences with poorly maintained motorcycles. This trip was really well organised. All together it was one big highlight. Tour guides are great guests! Just trying to make everyone happy! On this one guests, you must be frugal!"
Mark van Muijen - Vietnam Highlights - January 2016

"Contact good, efficient, friendly and helpful. Wouldn't have missed this trip for anything and this is not the last one I make. Thank you! Improvement: the booklet states that off-road experience is not really necessary. I can imagine with dry weather. but in case of rain in combination with the bad roads (which are being worked on everywhere), this is absolutely necessary. An English language course for the tour guide would also be recommended. Highlights are the trip itself, every day was a highlight, hanoi , the mountains the people the riding ha long bay at the end. After the fourth day it started to rain, and I not only lacked power with my 125 cc, but also off the road experience. You absolutely need that. and maybe it was also my age, 70. the bar was set the last two days with those incredibly bad roads, which were very slippery, a little too high for me. but I wouldn't have missed this adventure for anything, tour guide not only him but also the driver of the car, all praise, professional, helpful, caring, were part of the group. The tour guide looked carefully and assessed carefully what everyone could handle."
Peer Crommentuijn - Vietnam Highlights - January 2016

"Contact is excellent. Information is clear, even at the previously attended information evening. Trip is fantastic. Seen a lot within an acceptable period. highlights Because the route and accommodation became more and more beautiful and fun every day, every day was a highlight. Vietnam is an excellent motorland. tour guide is an excellent driver, guide and mechanic. Friendly, attentive and caring. He knows the right local addresses. I was missing some information about the area. Hoa could delve into that a little more. I hope he will keep his tip will spend on an English course. The guide who took us to Halong Bay was much easier to understand and provided much more information about the population and economy. The length of the journey was fine for me and also for those who stayed behind. Worth repeating. With thanks."
Guus Wolters - Vietnam Highlights - January 2016

"Contact is good, fun and spontaneous. trip is Great. Improve at no point. Highlights Everything. Tour guide Great. I want to go again immediately."
Dennis Beks - Vietnam Highlights - January 2016

"Contact pleasant and clear. Great trip!! Highlights for me are the visits/contacts with the local population (including kindergarten). An excellent tour guide who can still learn something but otherwise nothing to complain about!! Especially in combination with the driver of the support vehicle (Hung) very attentive and caring. The guide does need a point of contact within the group (for example the person who manages the money pot). The duration of this trip was experienced as very positive by everyone and as a result some were able to combine work etc. just cooperate!"
Germ Post Vietnam Highlights - January 2016 The contact was good and easy, I have nothing to complain about here. The trip was great, a beautiful country, good engines and a knowledgeable tour guide. There were no highlights, the entire trip was great. Tour guide Hoa is a good tour guide, a friendly Vietnamese with a lot of knowledge of the country and always willing to answer questions about any subject. A lot of knowledge about where to eat and where not to eat, and always arrive at the hotel exactly before dark. Sometimes it is difficult to understand due to his Asian accent, but his English is more than sufficient"
Guido Serné - Vietnam Highlights - January 2016

"Contact is very pleasant. Good concrete answers and a healthy enthusiasm. The trip is indescribably beautiful. Highlights The environment. It is unspoilt. Tour guide Both (driver and front rider) extremely friendly and helpful. Saddles are very hard, especially for the "highway" pieces."
Menno Ovaa - Vietnam Highlights - January 2016

"Contact was great, I really can't fault it. The trip was good, reception in Hanoi was a little less due to miscommunication, but 1 phone call to Maaike and it was resolved. Improvements: none. Everything was a highlight for me, I think also the advantage that it was 7 days of travel, a different experience every day. Tour guide Hoa and his partner were great, very helpful and certainly nothing to complain about. Comments would like to put together more of these types of trips of 10 days, preferably with 2 x a weekend, this makes it easier for the hardworking entrepreneur like me to fit it in"
Johan Huisman Vietnam Highlights - January 2016

"The trip was absolutely great!! Beautiful country, nice people, nice motorcycling. Highlights are driving on the back roads. The basic way of life of most people there, we are actually such worriers with our stress society! Furthermore, the things that people manage to transport there on a two-wheeler are fantastic! Tour guide Hoa, although actually a mechanic, and now also appointed tour guide, has thrown himself into his double task more than excellently. Nothing is too much for this man, he fixes everything , arranges everything. The carelessness with which we were able to make this trip can certainly be attributed to a large extent to his credit. The driver of the support car also contributed in his own way to the pleasure and ease of this trip. For both , chapeau!!!! It is and was a fantastic trip!!!"
Rik van Oudenrijn - North Vietnam with local guide - November 2014

" Contact with Motor Trails is relaxed and not pushy. The trip was a great experience. Participants must understand that these are not dating trips. In bad weather, fog or rain, experience is really required. Other than that I didn't like Sa Pa too much , too touristy. Highlights were off-road driving, crossing the Chinese border, coming into contact with people in the mountains, visiting a cattle market, the atmosphere of the country. Tour guide Hoa was a great mechanic, an artist. As a would-be tour guide, a very good one , can't be discouraged. I would hire him in a heartbeat, nice person too. Note: please continue with these types of destinations. Thanks Marco cs and hopefully see you next time"
Camiel Swildens - North Vietnam with local guide - November 2014

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