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Indonesia Bali Java Adventure

Day 1 – Home - Departure
For those who did not buy this tour as a package tour including the flight ticket, this day does not apply. 
Today you leave from your home country to Bali Indonesia to return in 14 days with special memories. Selamat Jalan (Have a Good Journey)

Day 2 - Arrival - Bali - Canggu
Upon arrival in Bali you will be met by our tour guide, and then take a taxi to the hotel in Canggu. Here you can rest from the journey and possibly take a dip in the pool or in the sea at Echo Beach, which is within walking distance. The well-maintained hotel with swimming pool in Canggu is located among the rice fields and has several cozy cafes/restaurants as well as small boutiques in the area.

Day 3 - Canggu - Stay
We stay here for 1 more day to recover from the long journey. Canggu is a cozy place where you can go to the beach or walk around the center.

Day 4 - Canggu - Munduk
The motorcycles are now ready for you at the hotel. After a good night's sleep and breakfast we quickly drive along small back roads/paths and through various Hindu kampungs (villages) with their beautiful rice fields. Alternating between paved and unpaved areas, you immediately get the tropical Bali feeling with its fantastic rice terraces and many small temples. We then drive briefly along the beach with black volcanic sand and then drive towards the mountainous interior of Bali. Along the way we will have a traditional Balinese lunch called babi guling. We then continue playing through the “Jungle Forrest” with breathtaking views and finally arrive in the small town of Munduk. This is located in the Buleleng Regency mountains, where our cozy hotel is located with an incredibly beautiful view of the various mountain peaks and green valleys with extensive rice terraces.

Day 5 - Munduk - Licin (Java) 
After breakfast, we drive via the winding roads of the Munduk Ngadang and Aya mountains through the middle part of Bali towards the coastal road and then cross to Java in one hour by ferry. Then, after lunch, we leave the main road and drive to the foot of the volcanic mountain Kawah Ijen. We drive in this mountainous area past beautiful rice terraces and follow surprisingly small unpaved paths through small villages. In addition to rice, a lot of vegetables and fruit are also grown here. There is also a coffee plantation here where the famous Arabica and Robusta coffee come from. Tonight we will spend the night in Licin, a cozy small-scale resort with a swimming pool and a view of the mountains.

Day 6 - Licin - Kalibaru
Today we will probably wake up in this wooded area by the sounds of animals. We have a view of the coastline of East Java. The ride goes through colonial plantations (coffee, rubber, sugar cane) that were previously set up by the Dutch occupiers and are still virtually intact. Driving through the many small paths and roads, we will visit a small-scale factory where cane sugar is made. We will also visit a place of worship in the middle of the woods that consists of a meeting of various types of religions. Tonight we will spend the night in Glenmore/Kalibaru. A friendly, modern, small-scale resort with a swimming pool right on the edge of a river and jungle.

Day 7 - Kalibaru - Jember
We leave the main road and drive through the mountainous area of ​​Gumitir onto the plantations. Depending on the weather, some trails may be challenging. We drive through deserted forests with beautiful views of the valley. Rubber is still grown on this plantation and processed on a small scale. We drive deeper into the jungle and the paths become narrower until we arrive at a wooden bridge that takes us over the river. When we leave the plantation we follow the paved road to the town of Jember. Jember is the capital of East Java and has more than 300,000 inhabitants. It is an authentic Indonesian city where few Western tourists come. There is a pleasant market “Pasar Malam” for vegetables and meat until late in the evening. In the central park "Alun Alun" there are several warungs (food stalls) where you can enjoy simple, but tasty food. We will spend the night in a modern hotel with a swimming pool on the roof.

Day 8 - Jember - Cemaralawang (Bromo volcano)
We leave Jember and then drive west through flat rice fields and old colonial plantations where there is still the old dilapidated railway line to transport the country's crops (reed fields). We will partly follow this old railway line and eventually arrive in Lumajang via small villages. This town is a lot smaller than Jember, but when you drive through it suggests otherwise because everything is located around the main streets, but if you turn into a side street you soon find yourself outside the town in the rice fields. After a local lunch we go to the active volcano Bromo. We leave Lumajang and drive into the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park via a secondary road, unknown to many. As we start the climb to the top, it becomes fresher and the view more impressive. The changing weather has a major influence on this mountain range and it can sometimes be warm and then suddenly become cold/fresh. When we reach the top we dive back to 2000 meters to struggle with our motorbikes in a sand sea of ​​8 by 10 kilometers around the Bromo volcano to get to the other side where our overnight stay is. Because the hotel is close to this “volcanic playground” we enjoy the rest of the day on the motorbike or walking to the edge of the crater and taking a look at it. We spend the night in Cemara Lawang, a simple hotel with good beds and a view of the Bromo volcano.

Day 9 - Cemaralawang - Jember
Optionally you can watch the sunrise with the Bromo volcano and Mount Semeru as a backdrop. Start at 4 a.m. with a 4x4, you will be picked up and drive across the sandy plain and then drive to 2700 meters for the sunrise. After breakfast we leave while crossing the sandy plain to the other side of the volcano to start the descent towards Lumajang. When we leave the city behind us, we drive along small roads through various villages and then drive past old colonial plantations and follow the old railway. After lunch we go off road to the plantations at the foot of Mount Argapura. We drive through wooded areas and when the paths are wet the ruts there can be challenging. Our hotel stay is in Jember in a new modern hotel with a rooftop swimming pool and beautiful views of the city.

Day 10 - Jember - Banyuwangi (Kawah Ljen volcano)
Today we first drive alternately on asphalted and sometimes unpaved roads through various villages to reach the northern entrance of the Kawah Ijen National Park. We drive through extensive coffee plantations where Arabica coffee is grown for Albert Heijn, Nespresso and many other large companies. The now well-known and expensive “Luwak” coffee is also produced here. We will spend the night in Banyuwangi, a beautiful luxury hotel resort with a swimming pool right on the coast.

Day 11 - Banyuwangi - Lovina (Bali) 
After an extensive breakfast we drive 10 minutes to the ferry that takes us back to Bali. We will then quickly turn to the north of this tropical island. Driving first along the Taman National Park and then via the coastal road with beautiful views to Lombok with its volcanic mountain of almost 3,800 meters. We will arrive early afternoon. We spend the night close to Lovina, a small-scale tourist village where some foreigners also have their homes because this place has still remained friendly and authentic. Our hotel is located directly on the sea and also has an infinity pool, which gives you a very holiday feeling when you relax in the pool with a bintang (local beer).

Day 12 - Lovina - Sanur
Our last driving day, but certainly not the least because we drive through various villages and extensive rice fields/terraces to the highest mountain in Bali, the volcanic Gunung Agung with its highest point of over 3,000 meters. We drive to Kintamani, a place at 1,350 meters with a view not only of Mount Gunung Agung but also of the volcanic mountain and Lake Batur. We will make a quite steep descent to get into the old crater and then drive around in the volcanic black sand. There are also villages here because the black volcanic sand is very suitable for making black stones that are used to build temples. Then after lunch we will drive towards Sanur via Sidemen, a breathtaking area of ​​rice terraces and small villages where time still stands still. The last part will be on the main road, which is sometimes busy and hectic. We will end this adventurous trip with a hotel on the beach including a swimming pool and with many restaurants nearby. 

Day 13 - Sanur - Departure 
Unfortunately, the suitcases have to be packed again and you can do some shopping on the last day. Most flights depart in the evening so you can relax on the beach or by the pool. Our tour guide will take you back to the airport on time. Selamat jalan!

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