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Indonesia Bali Java Adventure

What participants wrote us:

How did you find contact with Motor Trails? Good. What did you think of the trip? Top. What were the highlights for you? Java. What did you think of the tour guide? Top. What could be improved about the trip? Less asphalt, although connections were, but I found that the least interesting.
Jeroen Kraan - Indonesia Bali Java - May 2023

The trip went very well. Everything was neatly arranged. The highlight for me was driving over the Bromo volcano, the interior of Java was also very beautiful. Visiting the plantation was definitely worth it and I also found the hospitality of the people there very special. The local guide Putu and Roland guided the trip well, I am very pleased with that. All in all a very successful trip. The only point of improvement that I missed a bit is a rest day on the Bromo volcano. You would then have a day there to be able to go to the viewpoints at your leisure to look at Semeru and Bromo there. But otherwise once again a very successful trip with beautiful hotels and resorts.
Erik Flippo - Bali Java - May 2023

I have experienced the contact with Motor Trails as excellent. Clear, fast response. Nice sometimes just via the app. The trip was really great! A nice combination of nature, culture, relax, stay, population. Highlights were driving through the plantations and through the villages, De Bromo volcano with driving over the sand. We found the beautiful accommodations very pleasant and gave a real holiday feeling. In fact, there were highlights in every day. Can't think of anything negative. Tour guide Roland and Putu really made us feel comfortable. It was taken care of and unburdened. Nice that they were really part of the group and I think they felt that way. There was a good relaxed atmosphere, especially cosy. We also looked closely at possibilities and impossibilities.

Points for improvement could be: I would make the trip myself for 2.5 weeks. But then with some more rest days where possibly the possibility for those who want to can drive a short route on those days. Less driving through the overcrowded busy city. Also understand that sometimes you just have to or on long connecting roads. Personally, I sometimes thought it was quite a bit of off road driving. I expected that a little less.
Gekpe - Indonesia Bali Java - May 2023

"A truly beautiful motorcycle trip through the 'Emerald Belt'. Under the expert guidance of Roland and his local guides Jacob and Putu I have seen, experienced and discovered a lot in this beautiful and special island kingdom. Started from Bali with a 10-day trip over eastern Java, together with guide Jacob, who knows every possible motorcycle path in Java.Beautiful routes, often off-road on small paths between the sugar cane, coffee, rubber and coconut plantations.Permitted to see small local factories, a lot of contact with the local population, very The impressive area around the Bromo volcano was definitely a highlight for me.The local hotels were special every time, from a beautiful bamboo house in a jungle-like setting to a beautiful oasis against a mountain slope, but always excellent, often with a swimming pool. Roland as a tour guide, who has lived in Indonesia for some time, knows the country well and speaks the language, pays attention to the (motorcycle) needs of his guests, gives provides additional information and makes good hotel choices. Marco and Kerstin from the office and Roland from Indonesia were able to realize special wishes, delivered custom work and actively contributed ideas." 
Hans - Bali - Java - individual customization with guide - May 2019

As of 2019 a 10-day trip will also include some off-road driving

"Done several motorcycle trips already, but Indonesia was still on my wish list. Excellent, with clear agreements, magnificent routes. The off-road section to Sukamade definitely was a great experience and the bikes easily dealt with boulders and rivers. Not all villages are that interesting but that helps make the daily distances a manageable ride which leaves enough time to relax. instead of riding on the bike. Motorcycle repairs are done real fast." 
Jan, Winnie, Peter, Richard and Steffan - Bali - Java - September 2015

"A fantastic holiday, and thank you to Roland, the tour guide. He really totally spoiled us, good ideas outside of the program. If we fancied something to eat in the evening he immediately knew a nice little place, wherever we were. And on the bike Roland led us over the most beautiful roads of Bali and Java, and never a wrong turn. The off-road ride through a river was always something I dreamt of doing and we were able to do that several times. Of course we also visited the various attractions in Indonesia, but more so than at other times we enjoyed the journey more than the getting there. Again a big thank you for this adventure.”
Rudy van Rossum - Bali - Java - September 2015

"We have had an unforgettable journey, not least thanks to the good care of Roland. We will recommend you Motor Trails!" 
Hay and José - Bali - Java - September 2012

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